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  • Nowaczyk, Nikolai. The Willmore Conjecture, Snapshots of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach, No. 11/2016
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  • Coskun, E. and Elson, T. and Lim, S. and Matthews, J. and Morris, G. and Nowaczyk, N. and Raanes, P. N. and Wind, D. K. Gabor Filter Selection and Computational Processing for Emotion Recognition. 2014, European Study Group with Industry 100
  • Kienitz, Jörg; Nowaczyk, Nikolai. Affine Recursion Problem and a General Framework for Adjoint Methods for Calculating Sensitivities for Financial Instruments, SSRN, 11/2011
  • Nowaczyk, Nikolai. Bau eines dreidimensionalen Fraktals. Junge Wissenschaft, Heft 74, 21. Jahrgang, Ausgabe 01/06, Jugend forscht-Arbeit

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